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Top UK Brokers for Trading Online

Forex trading is currently booming in the market, and people are earning hundreds and thousands of dollars through forex trading. However, forex market is huge, and volatile. Slightest mistake in this market can cause you a fortune. Therefore, to avoid this, and keep generating a stable amount of income through cfx trading, you must choose a reliable forex broker.

Nevertheless, finding an authentic forex broker can be exhausting, and time consuming. Plus, novice traders have a hard time finding genuine forex brokers as they are new to the game. Today, we will tell you about some of the leading forex brokers. So, we have verified all these forex brokers using some of our precise evaluation methods.

List of the Best Online UK Brokers for 2024

Forex Brokers Min. Deposit Platforms Rating Secure Link
1 BlackBull Markets
MT4, MT5
5/5 Visit Site
2 fpmarkets
MT4, MT5
WebTrader, Iress, VPS
4.9/5 Visit Site
3 easyMarkets
Web platform, MT4
Mobile app
4.9/5 Visit Site
4 LegacyFX
MT4, MT5
Mobile Trading
4.8/5 Visit Site
MT4, MT5
Mobile Trading
4.8/5 Visit Site
6 Avatrade
iOS & Android Apps
MT4, MT5, Proprietary
4.8/5 Visit Site
7 OctaFX
cTrader, MT5
4.7/5 Visit Site
8 Fortrade
Mobile App, MT4
4.7/5 Visit Site
Mobile App, MT4, MT5, WebTrader
4.7/5 Visit Site
10 XTB
MT4, xStation5
4.6/5 Visit Site
11 Exness
Mobile App, MT4, MT5
4.6/5 Visit Site
12 Plus500
Mobile App, WebTrader
4.6/5 Visit Site
4.6/5 Visit Site
14 Just2Trade
MT4, MT5
4.6/5 Visit Site
15 Skilling
cTrader, MT4
4.5/5 Visit Site

1 5000
Broker Minimum Deposit
0 5
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How we do it?

Some of the ways through which we evaluate numerous forex brokers and bring you some of the best forex brokers, which you’d see in a while are:

  • We create a demo account on forex trading platforms which allow us to do so.
  • Trading on demo accounts help us to analyze how different brokers operate. It also gives us the chance to know more about the brokers’ trading conditions.
  • We deposit our real funds only on those platforms which are easy to understand and operate, trading conditions are authentic, and have minimum risks. Other than that we check the fees, by checking the low spreads forex brokers information we can safely recommend cheap brokers to our readers.
  • We trade on the forex trading platforms using both mobile, and different browsers.
  • We examine different features such as security, trading style, customer support, and more.
  • Based on all of these, we pick the leading forex brokers of all time.

What evaluation strategy we use to determine the best forex brokers?

We use a very specific evaluation strategy while ranking the best forex brokers of all time. The features of that strategy are specified below.


aspect that we look for in a forex broker before we review it. As you mention all your private details when opening your account with a forex broker, you give away your sensitive data. This data of yours can be easily hacked by the hackers, and can be misused. These hackers can be on the forex trading platforms as well. We understand how your personal data is important that is why we primarily review only those forex brokers which have enhanced security features such as funds saving. We also look for other security features integrated with a forex broker’s security system before reviewing it.

User experience
User experience

A good user experience is one of the crucial elements of one of the best forex brokers. As mentioned earlier, we create an account on numerous platforms. We thoroughly read all the forex charts, and signals on those platforms. Then, we discuss whether they are easy to understand or not as charts and signals are your only friend in the forex trading market. While ranking the best forex trading platform, we check the overall display and feel of the platform. Moreover, we also analyze the interface of the platform that whether it easy to use or not, particularly for novice traders. In addition to this, we rank the platforms which are accessible through computer or laptop, or are web-based platforms. So, this feature is important to consider while we make a list of top forex brokers as beginners can’t properly use mobile-based platforms.

Customer Support
Customer Support

A good and a reliable Customer support is one of the essential things that we look in a forex broker. We only list down forex brokers which can be contacted easily by the customers. We frequently mention those forex brokers who provide a 24/7 customer service, instead of 24/5 customer service. Forex trading is not a piece of cake, and there many queries, especially if you are a beginner. Therefore, to clear such queries you must have easy access to your broker. In addition to this, we look for more than one method of contacting your broker. Like, we review only those forex brokers who have multiple contact methods like email, phone, live chat, and more. In addition to this, we thoroughly examine numerous forex brokers, and look at their educational resources. Moreover, only forex brokers that have multiple educational resources such as how-to-use the platform videos, eBooks, webinars, and live sessions on how to trade successfully are reviewed by us. And are on our best forex traders’ list.

Banking options
Banking options

Multiple banking options, easy withdrawals, and smooth transactions are the things that we see in a forex broker before reviewing it. Moreover, we also see the security features integrated with the deposit and withdrawal methods before putting a forex broker in our best list.

Advanced tools and multiple platforms
Advanced tools and multiple platforms

As mentioned earlier, forex trading market is an extremely volatile market, therefore, you must have a solid trading strategy. You can choose trading strategies like Day Trading, Scalp Trading, Breakout Trading, Trend trading, and more. Moreover, You can even create your customized algorithmic strategy. For either of them, you need access to advanced tools. We list only those forex brokers that have advanced tools such as charting services, trade journals, volatility indicator, and more. Moreover, all of these tools help worldwide traders to analyze the forex charts, calculate risk, and develop complex strategies. Moreover, we also look for multiple platforms while ranking the best forex brokers. Access to platforms such as MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5 are one of the things that we look in a forex broker, before writing its review.

Trading style and oversight policies
Trading style and oversight policies

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous trading strategies which you can choose from, it is important that you choose a forex broker who provides you numerous trading strategies. For, example there are forex brokers who don’t allow range trading, scalping, carry trade, and more. Thus, if there’s a strategy that satisfies you, you must choose a pertaining forex broker. We only talk about those forex brokers which allow traders to choose between numerous trading strategies, especially the three most popular ones. It includes position trading, day trading and scalping. In addition to this, we review the forex brokers having a suitable oversight policy, and good trade execution speed.

How to choose the best forex broker

There are multiple factors that you must consider when choosing the best forex broker. Some of those factors are specified below.

Regulatory compliance

One of the most important things when looking for a best forex broker is to check its regulatory compliance. So, different forex brokers of different countries must be in compliance with a regulatory body.

For example, in UK, only those forex brokers are authentic, and legalized who are granted a license by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Registered forex brokers are also reputable, and therefore, there are less chance of scams happening on the platform.

A regulated forex broker platform will also have enhanced security features to protect your money, and will have contingency plan. Therefore, to choose a reliable and the best forex broker, you must check its regulatory compliance.

Pairs having great liquidity

When considering selecting the best forex trading platform, you must analyze what currency pairs are allowed by the broker to be traded. If you think that the pairs offered by the brokers have less liquidity or does not appeal you, you should look out for another forex broker.


Another aspect that you should never overlook is the high leverage offered by the forex brokers. Leverage is defined as the borrowed money that traders take to trade. Traders usually think that forex brokers offering maximum leverage are the best. However, in reality, this is not the case. Higher leverage can surely amplify your profit, and can elevate your trading position, it is associated with greater risks as well.

A good forex broker would offer leverage somewhere between 1:100 to 1:300. Thus, when considering to select a forex broker, make sure to select a broker offering ideal leverage, and not giving you the option to set the maximum leverage.

Trading costs or fee

Sometimes forex brokers can charge a very high amount of trading costs. It can cause to earn less profit. Thus, it is necessary that you must choose a forex broker having a relatively lower fees than rest of the forex brokers. In addition to this, while considering selecting a forex broker, make sure that you do not compromise on the services offered by the forex broker.

If a forex broker is offering more services at only a difference of few dollars, then you must choose that broker. Make sure to thoroughly look search for numerous forex brokers to analyze the features and the fees.

Trading conditions and multiple accounts

Trading conditions should also be considered when looking for the best forex broker. When choosing a best forex broker, you must choose the one that satisfies your trading conditions. You should also look for the forex brokers that allow traders to open different types of accounts. Some of the accounts include:

  • Commission accounts
  • Standard accounts
  • Mini/Micro accounts
  • Managed accounts

Each of these account types have a different purpose and different transaction fee, operating fee, and spreads. Thus, you must know your trading style to have a sense of what account would suit you the best.

Type of forex brokers

There are numerous types of forex brokers. Some of the most popular ones are specified below.

Dealing Desk

Dealing Desk

Dealing Desk forex brokers are also known as market makers. These type of forex brokers have a fixed spread, and does not vary with the volatile forex market. Dealing Desk forex traders select their own spread, and generally do the trading above or below the market.

Trading directly with liquidity providers can be risky, particularly for novice traders. As Dealing Desk forex brokers have no direct connection with liquidity providers, they are best for beginners. Working with Dealing Desk forex brokers ensure profit, while minimizing the risks.

No Dealing Desk forex brokers

No Dealing Desk brokers are another type of forex brokers. They are the exact opposite of Dealing Desk forex brokers. They offer low and variable spreads, and are deeply affected by the volatility in the forex market.

Other than that, they are connected with the liquidity providers and thus, it eliminates to use any third party. No Dealing Desk forex brokers are suitable for advanced traders, and traders that are into scalping.

As the spreads are not fixed, it is not suitable for people that want to earn a higher revenue in a short period.

Electrical Communication Network (ECN) Brokers

An electrical communication network forex broker uses electronic communication network to connect its user to the other users in the global forex market. These types of brokers act as an intermediary. The commission and spreads are relatively higher than that of traditional brokers.

But these brokers provide greater liquidity and that is one of their best advantages. Although, ECN brokers are more tailored to expert forex traders, beginners can also work with them.

Moreover, numerous ECN brokers provide valuable information about the volatile market of the forex to earn. They are one of the reasons due to which market increases it transparency.

Though most of the traders do not work with ECN brokers, they are considered the future of the forex trading. While working with ECN brokers, traders can even trade irrespective of the trading hours.

They are connected with the liquidity providers and are the type of Non-Dealing Desk forex brokers. They are one of the best brokers if you want to get your orders matched directly with liquidity providers.

ECN forex brokers serve as a medium through which buyers and sellers can come together and do trading.

ECN brokers

Straight Through Processing

Straight Through Processing forex brokers are those brokers which send your orders directly to the liquidity providers. Like, NDD forex brokers, they also directly with numerous liquidity providers in the volatile forex market. Thus, working with them gives you the opportunity to trade effectively, and profitably. They are one of the most convenient forex brokers.

Straight Through Processing

The orders forwarded by straight through processing brokers to the liquidity providers is not intervened by the Dealing Desk. Thus, it saves time, and you are able to generate a higher revenue in short time.

Short Forex Broker Reviews

Short review of top 50 forex brokers is specified below.


Key Benefits
FXTM broker
  • Founded in Cyprus and known as the best forex broker
  • Several broker authorities
  • Demo account available
  • Use of various currencies
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Protection of your balance
  • 3 account types available
 The FXTM stands for Forex time company which was started in 2011. It was founded in the state of Cyprus. The FXTM has the most reliable base for trading conditions. The FXTM has won several awards in the industry. The account opening at the FXTM forex broker is fast. And has a very low minimum deposit for account opening. It has very easy fees payments as well.

2. GO Markets

Key Benefits
Go Markets
  • Amazing support
  • Various learning and research tools
  • Honored with multiple awards
  • Authorized license
  • Easy switch between the accounts
  • GO+ accounts
 GO markets was launched in 2006. And it is the forex broker company in Australia. the GO market has a long year of operation. It has platforms like, MT4, MT5, Web Trader. The demo account for GO markets are unlimited without any deadline. The base currencies which the GO markets trade is EUR, USD, AUD. It also provides education for free with 24/7 customer support.

3. FP Markets

Key Benefits
fpmarkets broker
  • Several awards and highest ranked
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Best for professionals
  • Best suitable for trading technology
  • Handled by several authorities
  • Balance protection for Europeans
  • Digital account opening
  • Requires minimum 100$ deposit
 The FP market broker came into existence in 2005. And since then, a lot of people have become the part of FP market. It is an Australian brokerage company. It is a fully protected and establish site. Where various currencies are used. It is safe broker and has no risk at all. It has a lot of educational programs and learning materials as well.

4. Pepperstone

Key Benefits
  • Good image internationally
  • Several range of trading platforms
  • Demo account available for 30 days
  • 0.2 EUR/USD spread
  • Minimum 200$ deposit
  • Customer support for 24/5
  • Protection of negative balance
 Pepperstone is also known as a specialist forex broker. It is an Australian based company. And it was established in 2010. The Pepperstone broker is regulated with a very strong base and establishment. The base currencies used are AUS, USD, SGD, HKD, JPY, NZD, EUR, CHF and GBP. It has received the best number one overall client satisfaction award.The Pepperstone broker is regulated by ASIC and FCA. It holds the proper authorization at every area. Mosty at places where it is possible. It has types of accounts as well. The standard account which is the classical account.

5. BDSwiss

Key Benefits
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Good customer support
  • Quick account opening
  • Mobile app also available
  • Advanced trading technology
  • Availability of stocks and instruments
  • Minimum 100$ deposit
  • 24/5 customer service
 The BDSwiss is an international forex broker company. It was established in Zurich in 2012. It has more than 1.5 million clients in more than 180 countries. It has a very professional work environment. The BDSwiss has won a lot of awards. Some of the awards are,
  • 2020 BEST FX & CEDs PROVIDER International Investor Awards
The BDSwiss is a very secure and protected broker company. It is handled by the real and authentic authorities. It also provides the cross-border license. It is also known as the best forex broker company on global media.

6. Axiory

Key Benefits
  • MetaTrader and ctrader performance
  • Ideal for both beginners and professionals
  • Fully protected
  • Properly regulated
  • Separate accounts
  • Fund security
  • Islamic accounts
  • Practice demo account available
 Axiory was established in 2011 and has the best ways of global forex trading. The Axiory broker company is professional and well-developed. It has the most advanced technology to become more successful. The headquarter of Axiory company is present in Belize.It has the instruments like, Forex, CFD Indices, Stock CFDs, Energies, and Metals. The Axiory forex company is fully protected. It is regulated by the higher authorities. And provides the protection for the funds too. The Axiory forex broker has a very easy fees structure. The fees rate for CFD is very low. It does not take any additional fees or charges other than CFD fees

7. HotForex

Key Benefits
HotForex Broker
  • Founded in Cyprus
  • Includes advanced technology
  • Low and easy fee structure
  • Good commodities market
  • No restriction on various strategies
  • User-friendly design
  • Advanced set of tools
 The Hot Forex functions with the multiple present options. It has almost seven account types. It was founded in 2010. The headquarter is present in Cyprus. While it is also found in Dubai, South Africa and other areas.It has very low fees and requires only about 5 US$ for account opening as a deposit. The Hot Forex broker is safe and authorized. It has a license and it is also authorized. It takes all the safety measures and protects the sensitive data.

8. Eightcap

Key Benefits
Eightcap Broker Review
  • Offers technological solutions
  • Regulated service provider
  • Does not charge any additional fees
  • Presents various marketing opportunities
  • No restrictions on EAs
  • High leverage options
 The Eight Cap is an Australian based forex broker company. It was founded in 2009 and have remained the top broker company ever since. It provides many technological advantages and customer opportunities. It is regulated by ASIC and uses MT4, MT5 as its platforms.It provides education material and tools like analysis and research. And provides the users with personalized trading as well. The Eight cap has over 250 financial trading instruments. It is safe and provides high leverage options.

9. BlackBull Markets

Key Benefits
BlackBull Markets
  • Handled and regulated by FMA
  • Tight low speeds
  • Professional trading options
  • Protection of negative balance
  • Accounts with tier banks
  • Safe and secure
 BlackBull markets was founded in 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand. The BlackBull market offers many advanced solutions for the clients. It has many learning opportunities as well. It offers various base currencies. It also provides the educational tools without any price or fees.It is safe and secure. Since, it is authorized under the name of Blackbull trading market. Hence, it is scam or free of fraud. It also offers high leverage options. These are available for both retail and professional users.

10. FXCC

Key Benefits
FXCC Broker
  • Efficient fee’s structure
  • Trading of cryptocurrencies
  • Based on ECN/STP trading solutions
  • Low spreads
  • Protects the balance
  • Authentic and scam free
  • Low fees budget
 The FXCC is a Cyprus based broker company. It makes the trading of various currencies easier. And it allows the users to trade the cryptocurrencies, indices and metals. The FXCC deals with only the advanced type of technology. Such as, ECN/STP trading solutions.At the FXCC broker traders can learn and educate themselves more. There are no additional charges that are required by the educational resources. It is fully protected. It is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

11. Global GT

Key Benefits
Global Gt Broker
  • The first hybrid broker
  • 247 customer supports
  • Low account deposit
  • Good availability of instruments
  • Aids in safe money transfer
 The Global GT is a newly launched forex broker firm. It was established in 2020 and is very successful in South Asia. It has no advanced options for the educational sectors. But still, you can learn a lot. Since, it has a wide range of instruments. There are very proper safety measures taken for your protection. It checks properly after every account or bank transactions. It provides a leverage for about 1:100 for Forex instruments.It has no hidden costs. It also offers various options for trading. The Global GT is the latest hybrid broker with a lot of following. It is easy and simple to use.

12. IC Markets

Key Benefits
IC Markets
  • Advanced and regulated broker
  • Provides standard accounts
  • Provides raw accounts
  • Free educational instruments
  • Good customer service and support
  • Various trading options
 IC market is an ECN trading-based forex trading firm. It has supplies from over 50 various kinds of banks. The IC market broker is ideal for everyone especially, for the professionals. It is regulated by the CySEC and ASIC international broker. It also offers the insurance services to their users and clients.The IC market is legal and authentic. It is externally audited. It is also the member of External Dispute Resolution Scheme. It provides good amount of the leverage levels. This increases the potential gains for the firm.

13. XM

Key Benefits
XM Broker
  • Strong establishment
  • Tough trading conditions
  • Good range of trading opportunities
  • 1.6 pips EUR/USD spread
  • Allow the trading of various currencies
  • 5$ minimum deposit
 The XM forex broker company tries best to focus on client’s needs. They have a range of trading services which allow customers from all around the globe. It was started in 2009 and is operating in over 30 languages. It is a famous broker firm since, it has a lot of options for trading.The procedures and very simple and easy. There are no extra steps or difficulties while you trade. The ways are very transparent and the firm can be trusted without doubt. It offers professional education. The education includes seminars and webinars as well.

14. FBS

Key Benefits
FBS Broker
  • Good social campaigns
  • MT4 and MT5 platforms are offered
  • Limited instruments
  • Lengthy years of operation
  • Unlimited account basis
  • Several currencies available
 FBS is the international forex broker. It was founded in 2009. And it has clients from almost 200 countries. It has won many awards for the brilliant work and trading opportunities. It has the minimum deposit of 1 USD for Global, 10 EUR for EU.It has received over 40 international awards. It has the best customer service and offers many trading services. It is fully protected and safe. The protective measures are taken to fully protect their bank balances.

15. FXTB

Key Benefits
FXTB Broker Review
  • Automatic trading
  • Forex and CFDs are provided
  • Quick account opening
  • Good education centers
  • social trading
  • Web trader platforms
 The FXB broker is Cyprus based and was launched in 2015. It is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. It offers the best professional trading options. And the also provides the quality customer services.The FXB is the STP forex broker. It is regulated by the tough security measures. It also provides a good range of leverage. The leverage helps in providing more exposure to the social market. It has low forex fees and zero commission for trading.

16. TopFX

Key Benefits
  • CySEC regulated
  • FSA regulated
  • Top liquidity solutions
  • Supports copy trading
  • No minimum deposit
  • Numerous base currencies being supported by the broker
 TopFx is one of the leading brokers of all time. Due to its enormous liquidity solutions, it is an ideal forex broker for novice traders. In addition to this, the negative balance protection policy ensures that you do not lose more money than you deposit. It is one of the primary advantages of this forex broker.Regulatory compliance with different regulatory bodies makes TopFX one of the authentic and safest forex brokers. You can also create a demo account on TopFX, and learn the basics of trading, and earn on-deck experience.


Key Benefits Broker
  • Numerous Forex instruments
  • Advanced CFD tools
  • Free Demo account
  • 24/7 convenient customer support
  • You can open numerous account types on
  • No withdrawal or deposit fees is one of the best forex brokers that is suitable for both expert and beginners. There are numerous features of The broker has MT 4 integrated with it, which allows expert traders with their trading. MT 4 platform provide insights about the volatile market through real-time charts, live quotes, and more.In addition to this, also allows you to do web trading, and offers the best spread. Th EUR/USD spread is only 0.6 pips. Plus, there are numerous educational resources about how you can use the platform and trade successfully. Leverage is ideal and is in between 1:10 t 1:30. It is different for different accounts.

18. Blueberry Markets

Key Benefits
Blueberry Markets Brokers
  • Blueberry Markets allows ECN trading
  • Multiple trading platforms (MT4, and MT5)
  • Regulated by ASIC
  • Low trading fees
  • Higher liquidity
  • Friendly interface
Blueberry Markets is another one of the best forex brokers of 2021. The broker charges very low trading fees, and has no commission on its standard account. You can deposit your funds in one of your Blueberry Markets account in numerous ways. For example, you can deposit your funds using Mastercard, VISA, Skrill, Bank Transfer, and more.Withdrawal process is relatively easy, and fast. Moreover, there is no conversion fees. Hence, it is ideal for traders who want to earn more in a short period.

19. FxPro

Key Benefits
FxPro Broker
  • Multiple licenses
  • High-quality trading signals
  • Professional research tools
  • You can open a micro account with FxPro
  • No additional and hidden fees
  • Quick deposits
  • Low trading fees
 FxPro is a regulated broker. It makes this broker one of the safest forex brokers of all time. It also offers numerous trading platforms such as FxPro cTrader, FxPro Edge, MT 4, and MT 5. Using these platforms you can spread your bet successfully, and earn higher.The broker also allows you to open swap-free accounts, Islamic account. You can also create a demo account on FxPro and learn before you invest your real money.

20. InstaForex

Key Benefits
instafore Broker
  • Helps you to directly access and trade in the market
  • Suitable trading conditions
  • Numerous educational resources
  • Negative balance protection policy
  • 24/7 reliable customer support
  • Mobile trading, and app
  • Tick trader platform
 InstaForex relatively offers higher leverage which ranges in between 1:400 – 1:600. Such high levels of leverage are suitable for expert traders having immense knowledge but not for beginners. You can open multiple accounts including standard, ECN, ECN pro, and Eurica. The spread is fixed for the standard account.InstaForex supports mobile trading, and has a beautiful user interface. The platform is easy to use, and understand. The platform also allows you to do stock free trading, and the transaction fees are low. There is no minimum deposit fee. Hence, it is ideal for beginners.

21. Fortrade

Key Benefits
Fortrade Broker
  • Highly regulated forex broker
  • Quick account opening
  • No fees on withdrawals
  • Demo account is available
  • Fortrade allows you to do scalping and hedging
  • Web trading, and desktop trading
 Fortrade is one of the leading forex brokers. There is no fee on withdrawals. Fortrade offers numerous trading platforms such as MT 4. You can also do web trading, mobile trading, and desktop trading by working with Fortrade.There are more than 200 currency pairs with high liquidity. The platform also allows you to do CFD trading, and the spreads are variable. The broker is authorized by ASIC, FCA, NBRB, and IIROC. It means Fortrade is one of the most safeguarded forex brokers.

22. Vantage FX

Key Benefits
Vantage FX Broker
  • Authorized by ASIC, CIMA, and FCA
  • Numerous base currencies
  • 24/5 high-quality customer support
  • High leverage
  • Great pricing
  • Multiple trading Instruments
 Vantage FX offers both high and low leverages, like 1:500 according to the ASIC, and 1:10 – 1:30 according to ESMA restrictions. In addition to this, the execution speed of the trades is high. And there are multiple educational resources.Vantage FX also allows you to do crypto trading with ideally low leverages such as 1:5 for Bitcoin. More than 70 currency pairs are on Vantage FX. Vantage FX has won multiple awards such as the best customer service, and the best IB broker, both in 2016.

23. LegacyFX

Key Benefits
LegacyFX Broker
  • Additional 200 instruments
  • Highly regulated broker
  • Ideal leverage levels
  • Multiple account types
  • Low fees
  • No deposit fees
 LegacyFx is another best forex brokers. The broker allows you quick withdrawals. And offers low leverages such 1:30 for major currency pairs. You can open three types of account on LegacyFX. You can either open Gold, Silver, or Platinum account. The minimum deposit ranges from $500 – 5,000 with spreads ranging from 1.0 – 1.6.The fee is low, and the withdrawals are quick and easy. Withdrawals are done in 3 business days without any inconvenience. And this is the best part about the platform.

24. City Index

Key Benefits
City Index
  • Trading environment suitable for experts
  • Advanced CFD tools
  • Free Demo account
  • Authorized by FCA
City Index has numerous features such it provides multiple trading platforms including MT 4, Advantage Web, and AT pro. It is nominated for the best MT 4 broker, and is in the list of stock exchange. City Index offer numerous leverages to different clients. For example, European traders can only get 1:30 leverage which is low, yet consists of minimum risk. While, Australian traders on City Index can trade with the leverage of 1:400.You can open three types of account on City Index. They are Trader, Premium Trader and Professional Trader. All of them are ideal for live trading. You can also do CFD trading on City Index, and you get access to over 12,000 global markets through City Index. 

25. Trade360

Key Benefits
Trade360 Broker
  • Constricted spreads, ideal for novice traders
  • Authorized by CySec
  • Allows you to do copy trading
  • You can trade different assets
  • Variable spreads
  • No fees on withdrawals and deposits
  • Supports high volume trading
  • Convenient fee structure
  • Low operating costs
 Trade360 is a highly regulated forex broker. It offers some of the most advanced trading platforms, and you can between different assets including crypto, indices, stocks, and more. Trade360 helps you to have numerous trading ideas. Trade360 has a very easy to use interface and the software is easy to understand. It also supports mobile trading, web trading, and desktop trading.Through desktop trading, you can even copy trade, and earn a higher revenue. This feature is best for novice traders that lack sufficient knowledge about forex. In addition to this, you can also use MT 5 platform through web trading. The spreads are relatively high, but are variable.

26. Infinox

Key Benefits
  Infinox Broker   
  • Ideal for professionals
  • Allows social trading
  • Affordable cost and fees
  • Few comprehensive educational courses
  • FCA regulated
 Infinox was established in 2009. It was formed to offer the vast trading opportunities. Before becoming an individual broker company, the Infinox received a license for the Vantage FX. It got its own license in the year 2016. The Infinox broker firm is now known globally. The headquarters is situated in UK.It offers various trading options and instruments. Even though, it has few comprehensive educational courses. It even allows the clients with the social trading. It has received many awards for the services which it provides. It is safe and secure, regulated by the FCA authorities.

27. Naga

Key Benefits
  Naga Broker   
  • Provides virtual goods
  • No minimum deposit
  • Several trading instruments
  • Various base currencies
  • Safe and authentic
  • Fully regulated
  • Offers lowest spreads
  • Different funding methods
  • Offers strong technology
Naga is a forex broker firm which was founded in 2015. It provides the access to the various kinds of trading across the world. The Naga company is a Cyprus based forex broker firm. It allows the trading of financial markets, stocks, virtual goods and cryptocurrencies.The Naga forex broker is regulated by the CySEC. And it offers platforms like, MT4, MT5, NAGA Web. It also provides various educational courses. Which includes, social trading and research analysis. Naga’s broker firm is authorized and supported by the Chinese fund FOSUN. This makes it even more reliable and trusted by the clients. 

28. Skilling

Key Benefits
  Skilling Broker     
  • Range of instruments
  • Good advanced solutions
  • Range of tools
  • Various research tools
  • Offers segregated accounts
  • Different leverage positions
Skilling was founded by the Scandinavian tech team. It is first based in Malta and then was moved in different areas as well. it offers very easy options for trading. Such options makes it easier for the company to be used by professionals and by the beginners as well.The headquarter of Skilling broker firm is present in Cyprus. They also have one law-based branch in the UK. The skilling broker company has over 800 trading instruments. And constitutes of the most advanced type of software, MT4 and cTrader. The skilling also made its own trading software. The personalized trading software makes it easier for the technical and advanced solutions.The skilling forex broker firm has received many awards. And it is known all around the world of trading and broker tasks. It is safe and secure. However, it is not listed on the stock exchange but still it is regulated by the CySEC.

29. Just2Trade

Key Benefits
Just2Trade Broker
  • Good customer support
  • 100$ minimum deposit
  • Free education
  • Allows research tools
  • Offers more than 30,000 instruments
  • Provides demo account
 The Just2Trade is a Cyprus based forex broker company. It was established in the year 2006. And since then, it has a lot of clients from all over the world. For the EU clients, it has another name known as Finam. The most known feature of Just2Trade is its, low margins and no additional fees.It is a STP broker firm. It means that its prices are very low and still manage to provide with the best trading solutions and options. It has almost 20 markets that provides more than 30,000 instruments for increasing the trading platforms. 

30. MEX Exchange

Key Benefits
MEX Exchange
  • Allows Forex and CFD trading
  • Quick account opening
  • Main focus on MT4 software
  • No commissions
  • No deposits
  • Many trading options
The MEX Exchange forex broker firm is operating since 2012 and it is an Australia based company. It has its branches in various countries as well. The MEX exchange offers several kinds of trading platforms. Including the most advanced ones as well. It does not take any kind of commissions or hidden fees.The MEX exchange forex broker firm is awarded by several kinds of awards and titles. It has received the best customer service awards. Including the, best trading solutions provider as well. This company is safe and authentic from every aspect.


Key Benefits
 FXPRIMUS Broker    
  • Authorized by numerous regulating bodies including Cyprus CySEC, and FSCA
  • Numerous account types
  • Allows you to do ECN trading
  • Low deposits
  • Numerous trading styles
  • Negative Balance Protection Policy
  • No fee on fund deposit
 FXPRIMUS is another leading forex broker. It has won several forex broker awards including the Most Trusted Broker, in 2015. The execution speed of the trades is very high, which is beneficial for both experts and novice traders.Plus, FXPRIMUS allows you to trade the most valuable and versatile assets including cryptocurrency, indices, and commodities. Moreover, you only have to deposit a minimum amount of $100 to open your real account on the platform. You can also do micro trading through the FXPRIMUS micro account.There are numerous educational resources, and live seminars and webinars are also provided by FXPRIMUS. The interface is user friendly and it allow social trading.

32. Xtrade

Key Benefits
  Xtrade Broker   
  • You can get access to some of the most trending cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, and Ethereum
  • High leverages
  • Numerous CFD instruments
  • Low deposits
  • Numerous trading styles, and quick account opening
  • 24/5 customer friendly support
  • An internationally recognized forex broker
Xtrade is one of the leading forex brokers of 2021. It is a highly regulated forex broker. The leverage levels depend on the trader’s locality. European traders can do trading using 1:30 leverage level. And it is their limit. While international traders can avail high leverages up to 1:400.Moreover, you can also learn and get comfortable to the trading environment of the platform by creating a demo account. Forex fee, known as pips vary from account to account. It is relatively low. 5 pips are set for the Standard Account, 3 pips for the Premium Account. And 2 pips for the VIP account.

33. Plus500

Key Benefits
 Plus500 Broker 
  • Low minimum deposit ($100)
  • Highly qualified traders, and professional environment
  • Low transaction and operating fee
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Regulated by FCA, ASIC, and CySEC
  • Five free withdrawals per month
  • Numerous fund deposition methods
 Plus500 is a branded forex broker. If you are a forex trader, you would have definitely heard about Plus500 once in a while. Plus500 has won several awards. It is one of the best CFD trading forex broker, and has 24/7 quality customer service. It includes live chats, email support, and more.Plus500 also supports mobile trading, and has a unique and user-friendly mobile interface. Plus500 has more than 2800 forex instruments, which give you more trading opportunities.

34. TriumphFX

Key Benefits
  • Access to MT 4 platform
  • Low pips
  • Allows you to trade internationally
  • Account secured with Negative balance protection policy
  • You can open up to 3 different types of account
  • Allows traders to do scalping and hedging
  • $0 deposit fees. You do not have to pay a dime while depositing money in your account
 TriumphFX is one of the best forex brokers of all time. The forex fees are low, and the leverages are 1:30 for European traders on trending currency pairs. You can also enjoy high leverage levels such as 1:500.

35. TradeATF

Key Benefits
 TradeATF Broker      
  • Sufficient educational resources about how to use the platform, and forex trading
  • Some of the best trading platforms including MT 4
  • $0 on deposits and withdrawals
  • Several instruments
  • Allows you to choose social trading
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Regulated broker
 TradeATF is another best forex broker of all time. The transaction fee is low, and no withdrawal and deposition fee help traders to earn a higher revenue. Plus, TradeATF 100% supports mobile, web, and desktop trading.The trading conditions and style are professional. And the layout of all these trading is easy to use. TradeATF offers more than 350 assets, which allows you to trade in some of the major currency pairs.

36. Exness

Key Benefits
Exness Broker     
  • You can get access to some of the most trending assets, as it has a range of instruments
  • Numerous advanced forex tools
  • Low minimum deposits
  • Popular base currencies
  • Isolated accounts
  • Different leverages on different trading assets
 Exness gives traders access to some of the best trading platforms such MT 4 and MT 5. Both of these platforms help traders to analyze the volatile forex market. And earn a higher profit. Moreover, the leverages are 1:10, 1:20, and 1:30 for major currencies, minor currencies, and commodities respectively.You can open three different accounts while working with Exness. They include Standard Cent, Standard, and Professional. Each of them has its own perks. 

37. Oanda

Key Benefits
 OANDA Broker      
  • User friendly software
  • Abundant CFD instruments
  • Low transaction fee
  • Numerous base currencies
  • Authorized by FCA, IIROC, MAS, and more
  • Allows you to do margin trading
 Oanda has won multiple awards including Best Retail FX Platform, and Value for Money, in 2018. Multiple leverages are offered to various traders according to their location. They leverage levels range from 50:1 to 400:1.You do not have to pay anything while depositing your fund, and you can also do high volume trading. The platform is best for both novice and expert traders. You can open your accounts in minutes by working with Oanda. 

38. LiteForex

Key Benefits
  • The execution speed of LiteForex is Extremely fast
  • Cross border permits help you trade with international traders
  • Constricted spreads
  • Low minimum deposit ($50)
  • Free demo account
  • The commission is relatively low
  • Easy and commission free withdrawals
  • Numerous forex research tools
 LiteForex is one of the top-notch forex brokers. It has a user-friendly interface, and numerous educational resources. You can benefit from its social trading feature, and you can do trading using ECN or standard account.

39. ROinvesting

Key Benefits
  • You get access to dynamic platforms such as WebTrader, and MT 4
  • Diverse trading opportunities
  • Regulated by CySEC
  • Award winning broker. (Best CFD Broker -Europe)
  • Different cross border permits
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Low and convenient fee structure
 ROinvesting is an award-winning forex broker. It is one of the best forex brokers that charge quite low forex fees. Spreads are variable, and you can trade numerous assets, including forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies and more. 

40. ETFinance

Key Benefits
  ETFinance Broker   
  • The commission is relatively low
  • Easy and commission free withdrawals
  • Popular base currencies
  • Segregated accounts
  • Different leverages on different instruments
  • Swift account opening
 ETFinance offer ideal leverages. Such as 1:10 on commodities, 1:30 on the most liquid currency pairs, and 1:400 – 1:500 to expert traders. You can also open your demo account to learn more about the forex trading and familiarize yourself with the trading styles, and conditions of ETFinance.There is no withdrawal fee, and you can also do micro trading on ETFinance. In addition to this, forex fee depends on the account type. The spreads are in the range of 0.03 pips-0.07 pips. It is ideal for beginners.

41. CM trading

Key Benefits
  • Provides a good leverage
  • FSB regulated
  • Minimum deposit of 250$
  • Provides platforms like, MT4 and Sirix
  • Technology driven solutions
 The CM trading forex broker company is a South African company. It was established in the year 2015. And since it came into the world of trade it has received a lot of customers. The customers are from all around the world and various parts of it.It is known for the best ways and software that it uses. It has advanced tools that can be used for the study and research analysis. It also provides a great amount of loan or leverage to the clients. Which increases the social exposure of the firm to the world of brokers. 

42. Berndale Capital

Key Benefits
  • Good educational platforms
  • Advanced trading options
  • Better leverage options
  • Minimum deposit of 25$
  • Provides unique trading experience
 The Berndale capital is an Australian based broker firm company. However, it is not only limited to one country. Instead, it provides access to all around the Europe and Asia as well. It provides the services like trading experiences at a very low cost. So, it can be used by everyone.It is easy and simple to use. Which makes it ideal for both professionals and beginners as well. The Berndale capital also teaches it’s uses the education regarding the trading experience.The company holds daily seminars and webinars as well for educational platforms. This way the clients can build a healthy professional relationship with the trader as well. 

43. Origin ECN

Key Benefits
  • Better and affordable prices
  • Advanced MT4 platforms
  • ASIC regulated
  • Allows the trade of stock and commodities
  • Provides flexible leverage
 The Origin ECN is a forex broker company which was founded in Australia. It was formed in the year 2004. During the early years, it was not well established. But now it provides a good amount of user experience with advanced tools.It also provides the flexible leverage for the customers. This makes it easier for them to work and trade. The Origin ECN also received the best broker firm award in the year 2017.The main focus platform for the Origin ECN is meta trader 4 platform. It is easy to use, includes advanced trading charts as well. It also has comprehensive tools and allows the access to new reminders as well.

44. One Trade

Key Benefits
  • Authorized by the FCA
  • Provides the leverage of 1:30
  • Requires minimum deposit of 100$
  • Used Meta Trader 4 platform
  • Uses mobile app as software as well
  • Safe, secure and authentic
 The one trade broker company was founded in 2010. The One trade broker firm has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. The one trade offers many advanced options for trading and research analysis.It also focuses on the leverage being provided to the users. It has a very unique algorithm for providing the flexible leverage. The most attractive feature of One trade is its transparency. It is very safe and secure.

45. Formax Prime

Key Benefits
 Formax Prime    
  • Provides exclusive ECN trading
  • Procedures for preventing frauds
  • Supports the Meta Trader 4 platform
  • Flexible pricing options
 The formax prime is an UK based forex broker company. It was established in the year, 2013. It requires a minimum deposit of 1000$. And it is authorized or regulated by the FCA, United Kingdom.The Formax prime provides its users with the best types of trading options and experiences. It also allows the trading of base currencies that increases its demand worldwide.The formax prime is known for its excellent customer services. It has won many prestigious awards for their services and use of advanced tools. It is very safe and secure. It protects the sensitive information and company’s internal data as well.

46. STO

Key Benefits
  • Quick account opening
  • Fully regulated
  • Authorized and safe
  • Allows the withdrawal
  • Safe and quick withdrawal procedures
 The STO was established in the year 2009 and is known to be the best forex trading company. The headquarters of STO is present in Cyprus. It is now present in different countries as well. It provides many different advancements and tools.It provides the best management skills and experience. The STO broker firm is known to have the most basic tools for educational platforms. The company has smart order routing, comprehensive trading platforms, VPS services.


Key Benefits
  • Affordable pricing
  • Good educational platforms
  • Better customer services
  • Regulated by the FCA
  • Consists of authorized license
  • Known financial trading platform
The SVSFX came into service in the year 2003. It allows me minimum deposit of 500 US$. It is operated by the SVS securities and has its office in the London.It offers a lot of products and type of advancement in the world of forex broker. It allows the users to use the flexible leverage services. The other powerful service is their well and highly demanded SVSFX electronic trading or API. This feature uses integration based upon FIX 4.4 protocol and is highly comprehensive.

48. OGFX

Key Benefits
  • Provides the leverage of 1:400
  • ASIC regulated
  • Requires a minimum deposit of 1000$
  • Many tools
  • Allows educational platforms
  • Advanced trading options and charts
  • Authorized and safe
 The OGFX was formed in the year, 2009. Their headquarters are present in Australia. The main focused trading platform is meta trader 4 platform. The STP method is used for the execution of trading options.For the quick account opening it requires the minimum deposit of 1000$. It has several types of accounts as well. It allows the trading of over 50 currencies. It is safe and protects the sensitive information and linked accounts.

49. FIXI Markets

Key Benefits
  FIXI Markets   
  • Access to MT4 platform
  • Access to MT5 platform
  • Regulated by the FCA
  • Provides a leverage of 1:30
  • Protected and secure
 The FIXI Markets has more than 10 years of experience in the world of forex trading. It was first formed in the year, 2008. It is known for its best services. The FIXI Markets provides the use of advanced trading platforms.The platforms include, Meta Trader 4 platform and Meta Trader 5 platform. It also includes the additional platform, currenex. It allows the trading of cryptocurrency and several base currencies as well.

50. Halifax

Key Benefits
  • Provides the leverage of 1:500
  • ASIC regulation
  • Mt4, MT5, TWS platforms
  • No minimum deposit
  • Allows the withdrawal procedures
  • Competitive clearing fees
 The Halifax forex broker company is an Australian based company. It was serviced in the year, 2014. Their procedures of trading are very unique. They have a strong relationship with their clients and traders as well.The Halifax forex company has over 35,000 clients. This part brings very competitive clearing fees within the market. Not only this, but it also provides the excellent customer services and increase more trading options.